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Increased power and features normally found only on larger dredges
The Proline 2” dredge has seen many improvements, resulting in a smaller and more portable unit with increased power and features normally found only on larger dredges. It is powered by our Honda GXH50 / HP100 pump package, which produces well over 100 gallons per minute with twice the pressure of our previous pumps. The Honda engine is very quiet, offering nearly twice the fuel economy of the 2-cycle engines and it eliminates the need to mix gas and oil Our HP100 pump is manufactured with the same quality and features found on our larger pumps, such as the “flusher port”, which supplies water pressure to run a a flusher nozzle for cleaning crevices. The Proline was the first 2” dredge with this feature. Due to recent changes in the pump and jetting system on this dredge, the suction power has dramatically increased.

Proline 2" Dredge w/Honda GXH50


  • • Engine: Honda GXH50
    • Pump: HP100
    • Sluice Box: 10” x 36”
    • Dredge Hose 2” x 10 ft.
    • High Pressure Hose: 1.25” x 42”
    • Intake Hose: 1.5” x 24”
    • Flotation: 2 polyethylene floats 9” x 25.5” x 48”
    •Weight 155 lbs.

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