The wife won’t get mad with this one, cause it doesn’t take up much space in the garage.  It’s small enough to fit in your closet, or under your kitchen sink, and easy enough to take with you for that weekend camping on the creek.  The perfect sized water table that takes the best of hydrodynamic theory and technology then packages it into the finest piece of gold cleanup equipment money can buy.  This system takes the guess work out of processing all your gold, especially your fine gold.


We started by searching for the most hydrophobic (just a fancy word for repels water in case you were wondering) material available.  This was the most important piece to this table.  This is because the gold we find in nature is also hydrophobic.  See here for more details on that:


When you have two hydrophobic items come into contact with each other, while also being underwater, you get the combination of regular friction plus the force of the water pushing the two hydrophobic items way, or in the case of this water table, you get the water pushing the gold down onto the table even harder then with gravity alone.  It is not a lot of added pressure, but it is enough to make our job, and yours, much easier.  Another way of saying all that would be that it makes gold stick and everything else wash away easily.


You can fine tune the level of the table to perfection using the four corner adjustment handles while the water flow is controlled through the 110 volt AC adjustable flow water pump sized specifically for this table.


Set up is easy and can be done in less then 60 seconds.  When operated properly, you can clean up your gold very quickly, leaving you more time to go prospect.


Table Dimensions:

  • Overall Length – 16 inches
  • Overall Width – 8.5 inches
  • Overall Height – 2 inches
  • Working surface dimensions are 8.375 inches X 13 inches
  • Width of the supporting cross beams are 23.25 inches

With your purchase you will receive all of the following:

  • 1 – Professionally built, Jimbo’s Gold Recovery Water Table
  • 2 – Fully adjustable, nesting cross beams that fit on the tub  of your choosing
  • 4 – Threaded adjusters to use with the cross beams
  • 1 – 110 Volt AC adjustable water pump
  • 1 – length of clear tube to connect the water pump and the table
  • 1 – glass vial with the lid drilled and epoxy’d to the bottom of the “glory” hole
  • 1 – cheap Chinese paint brush. The more costly and high quality brushes are designed to absorb and hold paint.  For what we are using them for, that is the opposite of what we want.  We tried some very nice (very expensive) paint brushes but they kept absorbing the black sands and worst of all, the gold.  After that we went to the opposite end of the paint brush spectrum and bought the cheapest thing we could find.  Low and behold, that one worked perfectly!  On a side note, when you get your table in the mail, you will notice these brushes are made with “100% Pure Bristle”.  “Pure what?” you may ask.  I have no idea either but i found it quite amusing that someone in China (technically Indonesia) thought that they needed to print that on the brushes :-).


You may have noticed there is no tub included.  That is not a mistake.  We chose to not include a tub for a few reasons.  First of which is how many of you do not have a tub already?  For those of you that do not, you can get one at any hardware store or farm/feed supply store.  The only thing to measure is the width of the tub.  Make sure that it does not exceed 23 inches wide and you are good to go.  Personally, I’ve been using a clear shallow plastic tote from walmart.  Paying us for a tub, plus shipping, is just wasting your money.  Money that would be better spent going prospecting to get more material to run over your new Jimbo’s Gold Recovery Water Table.


The second reason is to keep the cost of this table as low as possible.  There are a lot of other tables out there that you can buy, and they come with a tub, but when you compare the prices we think you’ll agree that by providing your own tub, you are saving a lot of money.


That brings us to the third reason.  This table, and all that comes with it, fits inside of a USPS large flat rate box so you know how much shipping will cost no matter where you are in the world.  No surprises, no gimmicks, just the highest quality components in the perfect sized package at the most cost effective price possible!

Jimbo's Gold Water Table


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